Corfu Guide: Sightseeing in Corfu Town

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Corfu Greece

Corfu Greece

Sighseeing in Corfu Town, archaeological museum, Byzantine museum, Oriental Art, Town Hall…

(Area 592 sq. km)

The Archaeological Museum,tel.: (26610) 30.680, (26610) 38.124

The Byzantine Museum housed in the Church of the Panayia Antivouniotissa (closed for the time being)

The Museum of Oriental Art, tel.: (26610) 30.443, (26610) 38.124, in the English Palace of St. Michael and St. George

The Town Hall, a superb example of Venetian architecture built in 1663

The Byzantine church of Sts. Jason and Sosipater (12th century) with fine frescoes

The church of Corfu’s patron Saint Spyridon with its valuable icons and collection of gold and silver ex voto offerings

The Old Fort; the New Fort, constructed between 1576 and 1588

and the Platytera Monastery with its rare post-Byzantine icons.

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