Rent a car and explore Corfu - Itinerary 2

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corfu-route-2Corfu Tours – Itinerary 2
Kerkyra – Pyrghi – Spartyllas – Episkepsi – Acharavi – Roda – Karoussades – Sidari – Peroulades – Agios Stefanos (Avliotes) – Afionas – Agios Georgios.


Tours of the beautiful island of Corfu will have its main town as  starting point. The good road network makes the most important sites, and some of the most characteristic villages easily accessible, whether you choose to rent a car, or follow an organised tour, or get the local KTEL bus.

Kerkyra – Pyrghi – Spartyllas – Episkepsi – Acharavi – Roda – Karoussades – Sidari – Peroulades – Agios Stefanos (Avliotes) – Afionas – Agios Georgios.

Up to Pyrghi we follow the same route as for itinerary 1. At this point, a branch to the left (2 kms) leads us to the village of Aghios Markos, with its two noteworthy churches – the Pantokrator, with frescoes dating from 1576, and Aghios Merkourios, whose frescoes date from 1075, and which is considered the most important Byzantine monument on the island after the church of SS. Jason and Sosipatros.

From the branch at Pyrghi we take the road which leads northwards, inland, towards some of the most picturesque mountain villages. At a distance of 19 kms from the town we meet the village of Spartyllas, on the slopes of Pantokrator (at an altitude of about 400 metres). This is a lovely villlage with a breathtaking view, abundant waters and lush verdure.

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