Vidos Island Menios Taverna, Corfu Town

Vidos Island Menios Taverna, Corfu Town


Menios Tavern is situated on the small island Vidos opposite the Corfu old port. A beautiful location inhabited by wildlife and surrounded by trees.

The traditional Greek serving Tavern on Vidos also known as Menios Taverna, has a reputation of serving the freshest ingredients available, either in meat, fish or vegetables.

The tavern itself is very modest in a Greek traditional way, with very friendly prices. On the weekends there is live Greek music and occasionally Greek dancers dressed in traditional uniforms.

Corfu Vidos Island

There are many walking paths and historical sites to be seen on Vidos such as the old children’s prison and the Serbian mausoleum. The view from the island is breathtaking; you can see the old fortress, the old town, the old port and the new port, especially at night where the lights of the town reflect on the sea.

The atmosphere in general is very calm and is just the ideal location to have some relaxing time enjoying a cold coffee from the mini bar or just having a snack. The boat from Corfu Town leaves every hour and is located at the old port opposite the BP petrol station.

Category : Restaurants
Location : Corfu Town
Address : Corfu Vidos Island

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